Kind Words


What Clients Say

I just can't say enough about the pictures Tiffany took of our
senior. She really took the time to find out what he was passionate about and was able to capture pictures of his personality and made his smile the biggest we've seen.



I had the most wonderful time with Tiffany!


Her past experience in ballet and her creative style resulted in one of the best photo shoots I have ever had. She had a lot of great ideas and was not afraid to try new things.

She was able to catch some of the poses with just one shot, she has such a good eye. She was so sweet and easy to work with, I felt completely comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone that needs quality photos taken!



I recently had a photoshoot with TCP, and I couldn't be happier with the experience!


Tiffany was so helpful during the shoot and was so knowledgeable when it came to poses and what was needed to make the photos look the best they possibly could.


In addition, she made the environment so comfortable and relaxed.



My teenage daughter had a photo shoot with Tiffany and had the best experience. She describes Tiffany as “kind, caring, nice, amazing, and fun!”


As a mom, it was so special watching Tiffany relate to my daughter through their shared love of ballet, which resulted in a beautiful and creative array of shots and poses.


These teenage years fly by and I am so happy we have these photographs as memories of this time in our daughters’ life. We feel so fortunate to have discovered Tiffany Campbell Photography and highly recommend her!




Tiffany is such an amazing photographer! She did such a great job for us and we have gotten SO many compliments on how beautiful our photos are. She was so easy to work with - she was willing to try whatever we wanted. She had some great ideas herself, and she was really good at being honest about telling us what she needed to make a photo good.


We all just felt so comfortable with her!



As a parent we watch our children grow up to fast. We want to preserve memories and moments. School photos are great for knowing what our kids looked like each year, but they don't tell us anything about who they were that year. My daughter dances... since she could walk, she has danced...


To have someone see that passion and be able to capture a moment with her in motion for me is priceless. I am grateful.


This is what I loved most...The beauty and grace captured for me to cherish forever. Each picture has its own reflection of her spirit and passion.


You can pass down a photo of someone sitting in a chair and a smile on their face but it does not tell you anything about who they are. It is important to take these kind of photographs, with expression, motion and passion because it shows who they are and tells a
part of their story.





Dallas Fort worth, Texas