before you book


Pre-Session Consultation

Let’s chat! A quick phone call is the best way to get to know each other before your session. Who am I photographing? How do you want to be photographed? I will go over any questions you may have about the portrait process, inspirations or locations. I will also send you an informational PDF and pricing sheet. It will include a link to my schedule where you can choose the date and time that works best for you.


Once you have selected a date and time, a $150 paid session fee confirms your reservation for the photo shoot. All images and prints are purchased separately after the session.


Portrait/Dance Packages: starting at $900 (includes prints)

Headshots: Starting at $250

Senior/Family Sessions: Starting at $300


Mounted displays are sold a la carte starting at $250.


For more detailed information, please reach out. I'd love to talk to you!

In studio or
on location


The Session

This is where the fun starts! Whether we are in studio or on location, photography sessions are always as unique as each client. I will guide you through easy posing to get comfortable, and then we let the session unfold. You bring your smile, your story, your soul – I will do everything I can to showcase your personality and make this session yours.

your images


After your session

You will receive either an online gallery or we will schedule a time to meet again for a photo viewing, at which time you will choose the images you wish to purchase. You only purchase the images you love! I will walk you through the process and help guide you to the final products for you to enjoy.

"Mrs. Campbell somehow connected with me and my style... it was like she knew me. She encouraged me to express my love for dance both ballet and modern through my motion. It was no ordinary photo shoot." -Katy



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